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SOL - new luminaires for stylish offices

15 February 2018 Category: Products Author: Jessica Minton

We are glad to inform, that since December 2017 the sale of a new collection of luminaires SOL has started.

SOL is the first family of luminaires  by Lighting Technology, constructed using the technology of the bending of aluminum profiles. SOL luminaires is a series of round LED luminaires. Both pendant and surface-mounted variants are available.

The advantages of this series are uniformity of light diffusion by using the LED cluster with large area; high light efficiency up to 120 lm/w; easy installation, possibility of installation both on the ceiling and the wall.

With the start of sales will be available modifications with large luminous flux and also modification with the same brightness of the diffuser (the type of modifications "low lumen").

Modifications with control via DALI protocol are available.

SOL series is basic for this type of the product. In 2018 several series on the basis of technology of aluminium profile bending to create the luminaires' bodies will be developed.

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