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OTX LED CH CF – luminaires of reflected light with variable color temperature

30 January 2018 Category: Products Author: Jessica Minton

We are pleased to announce the release of the second generation of luminaires with variable color temperature (2800K – 5800К) series OTX LED CH CF.

The luminaires support the latest edition of the DALI Device Type 8 standard (EN62386 Part 209) Tunable White in terms of the management of the change of the luminaire's color temperature.

A new modification of the luminaires simplified and made more accessible the implementation of complex algorithms of automatic changing of color temperature, repeating solar cycle (Human Centric Lighting). At the same time, luminaires can be used within the framework of simple solutions, when the dimming and the change of the color temperature can be carried out manually, for example, with the help of the wall rotary dimmer, DALI DT8.

OTX LED CH CF – a series of LED luminaires of reflected light for classrooms, offices and meeting rooms. These luminaires combine attractive design, soft reflected light and high energy efficiency. Luminaires with variable color temperature are adaptive devices that can adjust to the biorhythms of the person, creating the most natural light environment, close to the solar cycle. Cold color activates the working capacity, warm - creates the atmosphere of comfort. The proper combination of these characteristics allows to achieve the balance in addressing the challenge of productivity and comfort in the modern office.

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