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Project: X5 Retail Tyumen Distribution Centre

2 November 2017 Category: Company Author: Jessica Minton
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies LED
Smart lighting of the logistics complex
Project Overview: Construction of the distribution centre of X5 Retail Group from the scratch (introduced in Pyaterochka, Karusel, Perekryostok stores). Opened in September in Tyumen.
The distribution centre is located in the DSK-500 Industrial & Logistics Parkin the area of Lesobaza district. Its total area is about 30 thousand square metres. Investments amount to about 1.5 billion rubles.
Task: Offer solution for lighting of indoor and adjacent areas (parking area for vans and access roads to the warehouse terminal). Due to high ceilings, luminaires suspended at a minimum height of 12 m were required. Customer’s top request was to operate the entire system in an autonomous mode by presence sensors and maintain a given level of illumination of 250 lux.
Equipment used: HB LED 152 HFD, INSEL LB/R LED HFD, SLICK.PRS ECO LED, FREGAT LED, and ME6 DALI control system
Outcome: The main lighting of storage facilities is through luminaires with the DALI control system and the ME 6 6 DALI intelligent control system from DEUS. To control more than 1300 luminaires (or 2600 DALI drivers), since HB LED is a two-module, 32 control routers, 156 combined lighting and presence EBDHS-DNET1 sensors and one server on the ME6 DALI platform are installed. All these solutions ensure that the lighting system can operate under the requirements set by the customer.
The installed motion sensors react to only the zone where motion has been sensed. In this way, the service life of lighting equipment increases, and lighting sensors provide energy savings up to 50% of the system as a whole.
Lighting calculations are done, equipment is properly chosen and installed with supervision.
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