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New Development in LED Floodlights Segment

25 September 2017 Category: Products Author: Pavel Maklakov
Lighting Technologies LED
A series of HB LED FLOODLIGHT LEDs to illuminate outdoor production sites and to replace an array of GO-1000 floodlights.

Lighting Technologies introduces a new series of LED floodlights – HB LED FLOODLIGHT designed for illuminating outdoor production sites and capable of replacing GO-1000 series.
The floodlights of the HB LED FLOODLIGHT series have a modular design and are based on HB LED luminaire modules.
HB LED FLOODLIGHT luminaires highlight the following benefits for consumers:
  • A modular design with adjustable lire to install floodlights at an angle to the illuminated surface;
  • Secondary optics with an opening angle of 15 to 60 degrees;
  • Instantaneous switching. No additional instant restart blocks are required compared to GO-1000 series.
  • Environment-friendly.  Metal lamps are not required to be replaced and disposed of compared to GO-1000 floodlights.
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