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REFLECT LED CH CF – second generation of color fusion luminaires

24 November 2017 Category: Company Author: Jessica Minton
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies LED

A new second generation version of REFLECT LED CH CF color fusion luminaires (2800K-5800K) is now available, featuring compliance with the latest DALI Device Type 8 (DALI DT8) enabling changes of color temperature under the DALI protocol. The LED driver implementation fully corresponds to the latest DALI (EN62386 Part 209) Tunable White protocol version.
The modification simplifies complicated solutions with automated dynamic change of color temperature throughout the day to imitate solar cycle changes, referred to in the industry as Human Centric Lighting. The color temperature can be manually changed by a rotary dimmer, button panel and other tools that support DALI DT8 protocol providing for a quick and easy-to-handle lighting solution.
REFLECT LED CH CF is a range of premium LED luminaires with indirect light distribution. The LED modules are mounted on an aluminum heatsink and covered with an opal PMMA diffuser, preventing individual LEDs from being exposed to the bare eye and reflected by the PMMA curvature integrated into the top housing portion of the luminaire thus creating a soft, comfortable diffused light.
The color fusion luminaires are adaptive fixtures that fit human biorhythms and provide natural lighting environment imitating the solar cycle. Cold light activates working capacity, warm light creates a comfortable atmosphere. Balancing these choices combines both productivity and comfort in a modern office setting.
The following models are available for order:
REFLECT LED 1000 CH CF /E/ (order code: 1997026370)
REFLECT LED 1500 CH CF /E/ (order code: 1997026380)
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