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New universal emergency power supply unit is in stock

25 July 2017 Category: Products Author: Jessica Minton
Световые Технологии
The new emergency power supply unit (EPSU) CONVERSION KIT POWER LED 8-40W IP20 – is a universal solution for luminaires with the power of up to 40 W. Its main advantage in comparison with already existing on the market solutions is that it delivers the supply not to the separate emergency LED module but to the luminaire driver. It means that the EPSU shouldn`t be mounted into the luminaire and connected into the luminaire`s electronics. It is a separate device which switches the luminaire in the emergency situation  to the work from the  battery delivering 220 V of the direct current to the driver and provides the functioning of the luminaire in the autonomous mode, for 100% light flux and over the time of not less than one hour. Such solution is especially actual for equipping luminaires of SLIM LED kind (a slim LED panel with end lighting) with an emergency power supply unit  as to build a traditional emergency power supply unit in such  luminaire is a problem. Some lighting fixtures with the total capacity of up to 40 W   can be connected to the universal EPSU  that is in demand by organizing emergency lighting of trading departments in Shopping and Entertainment Centres.  The EPSU is connected to the cutout switch on the separate phase and in this way it transforms the luminaire into the emergency mode only by switching off the power supply in the  lighting switchboard, and the luminaire is controlled from the cutout switch in the operation mode.
For luminaire operating  with this EPSU there are only two limiting factors: the luminaire driver should work not only from the alternative current but also from the direct current and the consumed power of the luminaire shouldn`t exceed 40 W. 
The EPSU CONVERSION KIT POWER LED 8-40W IP20 can be placed close with the luminaire, in the space behind the ceiling or mounted in the box with IP65 (BOX IP65 for conversion kit 245х120х75).
These emergency power supply units are available for ordering.

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