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Fischer Stall & Beleuchtungstechnik Showroom

Fischer Stall & Beleuchtungstechnik Showroom

6 April 2017 Category: Company Author: Igor Korolev
Lighting Technologies LED

Lighting Technologies Europe GmbH has found another showroom home with “Fischer Stall & Beleuchtungstechnik” in Münster, Germany. Situated in Northern Germany, Fischer Stalltechnik services the region in and around Münster with regard to outfitting horse riding stables, paddocks and riding halls. The stables are primarily outfitted with HB, SLICK and Emergency Lighting which Mr Fischer, the company owner has on exhibit amongst other luminaires in his showroom. With the recent official opening of his showroom. Mr. Fischer has also furnished the showroom with COIL, VERONA, DISCUS, BARRO, OKKO, ORIENTE. The store front provides Fischer Beleuchtungstechnik with additional visibility and exposure in the region and as such for Lighting Technologies with numerous LT products on display. Mr. Fischer has also refurbished his company truck with photo material, courtesy of Lighting Technologies featuring an HB lighting project providing automobile style mobile exposure for LT in the Münster region.
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