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Equitana – World Horse Show

Equitana – World Horse Show

6 April 2017 Category: Company Author: Igor Korolev
Lighting Technologies LED

In cooperation with Lighting Technologies customer Loibas e.K., Lighting Technologies presented luminaires such as HB, FREGAT, TITAN, Agro SLICK, REFLECT at this year’s “Equitana – Weltmesse des Pferdesports” = Equitana– World Horse Show) trade-show from 18.-26.03.2017 in Essen, Germany. Equitana is a biennial trade-show with approximately 850 exhibitors and 208,000 visitors for all things concerned around the world of horse riding. Every two years, this exhibition introduces new product developments and innovations with regard to horses and stables.

Lighting Technologies products serve an important niche market in the horse industry – riding stables and horse stalls are outfitted with HB LED given the need for homogenous lighting without shadows. Horses are very sensitive to glare and shadows; therefore, an even lighting distribution is not only essential for the animal, but also for the athlete when training and competing. According to the norms regulation in Germany “DIN EN 12193 Light and Illumination for sporting facilities lighting”, Em = 300 lux with an even lighting distribution of g1 = 0,5 is essential. Shadows on the floor as well as with jumping obstacles should be avoided at all costs given this factor may result in the animal being irritated and confused. HB LED fulfils these requirements by providing the horsing industry with a high luminous efficiency and even light distribution as well as being able to operate in harsh environments and fire hazardous areas.
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