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Welcome new LED luminaires for greenhouses!

Welcome new LED luminaires for greenhouses!

15 March 2017 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies is announcing the launch of PLANTADOR LED, a new series of luminaires designed for use on growing racks, supplemental lighting in greenhouses and growing seedlings at home.
PLANTADOR LED luminaires are fine for growing herbs, lettuces and other short season crops, and various seedlings grown on racks.
PLANTADOR LED offers the following advantages:
  • Easy installation and ability to be connected in series
  • Three versions differing in spectrum stimulate faster growth of seedlings, reducing growing time
  • A driver with 1-10B control as basic configuration allows adjusting lumens and photosynthetic flux to suit to the growth stage
  • Environment-friendly. The luminaire has no glass components or mercury
  • Uniform illumination
  • Alu housing with an excellent heat sink and IP54 protection class
Technical Parameters:
Article photosynthetic flux, PPF,μmol/s Light flux, lm Capasity
PLANTADOR LED 30 D120 HFR IP54 BRFR 46 1 600 32 ≥0,96
PLANTADOR LED 30 D120 HFR IP54 BRR 46 725 31 ≥0,94
PLANTADOR LED 30 D120 HFR IP54 FS 65 3 500 41 ≥0,97

Version spectrum designations:
BRR - red-and-blue (colour distribution: blue, red, red);
BRFR - red-and-blue (colour distribution: blue, red, far red);
FS - red+NW (full spectrum - colour distribution: red, neutral white 4000K).
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