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​PROJECT: ‘Skolkovo Residence’ Residential Complex / Moscow region

​PROJECT: ‘Skolkovo Residence’ Residential Complex / Moscow region

23 January 2017 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova

Project overview: The business-class residential complex was designed according to the block principle which provides for creating a functional and comfortable residential environment. The residential complex includes residential buildings, infrastructure facilities and restricted for vehicle traffic green yards and promenade areas. Everything is united by the general idea of creating an esthetically perfect municipal district with a level of comfort. Currently, the first stage of the residential complex has been commissioned, and other facilities are being constructed.
Task: Select luninaires according to the approved conceptual design. The luminaires should create lighting lines of various lengths. As ceilings by ROCKFON were used, work on the lighting was carried out in close cooperation with this company to match the style.
Equipment used: PROFILE
Results: At the design stage, all details were already elaborated, working in tandem with ROCKFON allowed a solution to be developed which satisfied the customer, despite the lower price offered by another manufacturer. A test zone was set up for the customer, where all the advantages of the lighting could be appreciated. Thanks to the lighting project delivered, the dynamic lighting creates a favourable emotional environment in the public areas. A good arrangement of lumiaires and correct selection of light & colour range promote comfort for people at the premises as well as increase the residential complex status.
The choice of the LED light sources was also not by chance. It allowed optimizing power consumption: to illuminate all the four sections, a little over 9kW is required.

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