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PROJECT: Dental Clinic at Smolenskaya Square (Moscow)

PROJECT: Dental Clinic at Smolenskaya Square (Moscow)

18 January 2017 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies LED
Short summary: It is one of our first projects in the special niche of medical lighting, specifically, the dentist workspace lighting. The project has been implemented in cooperation with our distributing company Stomatorg, a leader of the Russian dental market offering full range of equipment and consumables for dental clinics and dental prosthetic laboratories.
Task: It was necessary to select a lighting fixture providing for shadowless illumination critical for a dentist manipulating in the stoma and operating in the working space around. It is important to ensure illumination level of minimum 4000 Lux, which standard lighting fixtures are not capable of. High colour rendering index (СRI 90) should enable distinction between the slightest colour hues of dental materials, and dimming function is required to subdue lighting when mixing up dental restoration materials sensible to light exposure. In addition, the up-to-date design is also of importance.
Luminaires mounted: DENTAL SHADOWLESS
Results: The dental departments were equipped with DENTAL Shadowless luminaire featuring the following advantages:
- large area of evenly lighted surface free from shadows
- specially designed diffuser resistant to disinfection agents
- colour rendering index (CRI)> 90
- the option for luminous power dimming.
All requirements to lighting were complied with. Besides, the mounted equipment features the dimming function operated via the remote control and providing for smooth adjustment of illumination from 100% to 0% along with standard switching on/off options. This additional option makes it possible for a dentist to control lighting right from the working space
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