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INSEL LED luminaires now can work at + 60°C!

INSEL LED luminaires now can work at + 60°C!

16 December 2016 Category: Products Author: Viktor Milyuk
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies announces the extension of operating temperature range of the commercially available INSEL LB LED luminaires with the capacity of up to 120W inclusive.

Luminaires of INSEL LB LED series include versions for surface mounting (INSEL LB/S LED) and recessed mounting (INSEL LB/R LED), and designed for illuminating production shops with a ceiling height of 5 to 10 meters and can be used as a replacement for GPP/GVP 150, RPP/RVP 250, GSP/RSP 250 type luminaires.
Extension of operating temperature range was possible due to the design of the luminaire with a separate heat sink for LED clusters and driver, as well as due to the power source which is designed for harsh environments.

Learn more about INSEL LB LED luminaires and download product technical documentation at:
INSEL LB/S LED surface-mounted luminaires
INSEL LB/R LED recessed luminaires
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