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22 August 2016 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies LED
Lighting Technologies LED
Replacement of the lighting devices in the high-ceilinged work-shop

The project description:
 “TYAZHMASH” JSC is a machine tool works based in Syzran, one of the largest in Russia.  The date of “TYAZHMASH” establishment is 15 of August  , 1941.  Nowadays “TYAZHMASH” JSC is one of the leaders in the ratings of international companies involved in vehicle, power engineering and heavy engineering construction.
The task:
The task was to provide lighting of the work shop in compliance with the  technical design specifications. Luminaire installation height comprised 20m. The luminaire was limited in its’ overall height because of the travel crane performance. Advanced reliability subject to the height manpower effort of the maintenance on such a height was one of the main demands of the customer, therefore an extended warranty period was agreed for this project.

Luminaires applied:
The outcome:
B LED luminaires were selected. To execute the project we designed a special luminaire modification of smaller height, we promptly estimated the complex parameters and shipped the products. In the design of the work shop illumination the HB LED luminaires showed the best efficiency and the most beneficial “price/quality” ratio among all the alternatives under consideration.
The labors on lighting the work shop completed, illumination figures have   showed that the illumination level  is meeting the technical requirements. The product was approved by the shop manager, as per the comments, the work shop is now comfortable for operation with good lighting conditions. HB LED luminaire has been recommended for application in other workshops of the “TYAZHMASH” company group.
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