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Renovation of COLIBRI DL LED Luminaires

Renovation of COLIBRI DL LED Luminaires

21 July 2016 Category: Products Author: Viktor Milyuk
Lighting Technologies LED

Lighting Technologies company is pleased to inform on renovation of COLIBRI DL LED, one of the most popular series of LED downlights.  The renovation included changes of the appearance and dimensions of the series devices, as well as of the specification thereof, which in turn reflects our continuous commitment to meeting market’s demand for high quality products at a reasonable price.
The appearance of COLIBRI DL LED device has been changed:
A new space-saving case of the device features the following dimensions and coupling size:
The casing is manufactured from die cast aluminium, which allows for the required heat dissipation and optimum performance of line-emitting diodes, and is also equipped with durable mounting springs on two sides. The driver is to be installed separately (included in the scope of supply).
The construction of the optical part of the device is represented by SMD LEDs equally distributed over the board and covered with a matte diffuser made of light stabilised polycarbonate, which allows for uniform illumination and comfortable ambient light without dazzling.
The luminaires are intended for direct replacement of CFL downlight lighting devices.
Features of the series:
Comfortable ambient light without dazzling
Reduction of lighting expenses
Diffuser is resistant to ultraviolet radiation (does not go yellow with time)
No pulsations of luminous power
Complies with GOST with regard to EMC (causes no interference)
Higher colour rendering index (CRI) >80
Higher power factor (PFC)
Basic colour temperature: 4000K (3000K available at the request)
We’d like no note that the ORDER CODES REMAINED UNCHANGED after the series renovation.
Basic versions of COLIBRI DL LED luminaires are intended for recessed mounting, while COLIBRI DL LED 15/ COLIBRI DL LED 19 versions allow for supply of an accessory for surface mounting (to be ordered separately, order code: 2170000130).

Technical parameters:
Article Light flux, lm Capacity, W Lm/W PFC
COLIBRI DL LED 11 4000K 900 10 90 >0,98
COLIBRI DL LED 15 4000K 1400 15 93 >0,98
COLIBRI DL LED 19 4000K 1850 20 93 >0,98
 The new downlights are designed for lighting internal rooms of retail premises (shops, malls, shopping and recreation centre), offices and administrative buildings and common purpose premises.
COLIBRI DL LED luminaires is a solution featuring a combination of efficiency, reasonable price and brand quality.
More details are available in the leaflet.
All the modifications of COLIBRI DL LED series are available for order.
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