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Mass production of proprietory drivers organised

6 April 2016 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova
Световые Технологии
Световые Технологии
Световые Технологии
Световые Технологии
Световые Технологии
Световые Технологии
By end of this year we plan to implement our native-grown drivers in the whole model range of our LED light fittings. We will use the cost savings in order to, first of all, improve our products’ price attractiveness and to offer cost-effective light fittings at the market which are highly in demand at the moment.

Our proprietory driver was developed in December 2014. Its application in our products will allow lowering the costs of final products by 25 to 30% as compared to European peers, while in terms of operational stability and performance reliability our driver is highly competitive and often even superior to them. What is important for us, is that we are able to perform strict quality control at our production site, because, as is known, driver disabilities are the main reason for luminaire failures.
We produced a pilot batch in March. Upon a series of tests on a variety of luminaires in most demanding working conditions, we started mass production in July, which is performed in the controlled environment at our factory in Ryazan. 100% of our drivers are tested on all performance parameters, and the measurings database is always preserved for a subsequent analysis.

The drivers fully comply with CE requirements.

What is also important for us – is that development and production of our native-grown drivers allows us to promote new light control solutions, both wire and wireless. Moreover, all of them are seamlessly integrated with our light fittings. This is one of the priority areas of our company’s development.
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