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Novelty! Floodlight FREGAT FLOOD LED

Novelty! Floodlight FREGAT FLOOD LED

13 April 2016 Category: Products Author: Viktor Milyuk
Lighting Technologies LED
FREGAT FLOOD LED – this is a new specialized version of the luminaires FREGAT LED for floodlighting. Three kinds of optics  (30, 60 and  90х30°) and two standard powers  (55 and 110 W) are available within  the framework of this series.
The luminaires of the series  FREGAT FLOOD LED are designed for lighting open areas, near-by territories, sports areas, interchanges,  building sides and  production spaces. The light fittings are installed on a steel harp of high strength with a securely fixed installation angle that doesn`t allow the light fitting to change its position even by high vibrational loads.  The luminaire can be optionally supplied with standard fasteners of FREGAT LED and delivered in the expanded powers line from 35 to 150 W.
Distinctive aspects of the luminaires  FREGAT FLOOD LED:
  • 3 kinds of optics for different applications  (30, 60 and 90х30°)
  • Installation on a securely fixed harp of steel
  • Qualitative white light  5000К
  • Protection heat-strengthened glass  IK09
  • Molded aluminum body
  • Efficiency of up to  110 lm/W
  • Life time of more than  50000 hours
  • Operating  temperature from  -40  to  +60°С
  • All the powers and options of the luminaires  FREGAT LED are available under order (including console  and wall  bracket).
Main technical parameters:
Technical parameters FREGAT FLOOD LED 110 FREGAT FLOOD LED 55
Capacity, W 107 53
Light flux, lm 11000 5600
Lm/W 105 104
symmetrical beam 30° (30)

  symmetrical beam 60° (60)

  asymmetrical beam 90х30° (A)
LхWхH, мм        594 х 265 х 91
Color temperature, K 5000K
Color rendering index ≥70
Climatic category УХЛ1*
Weight, kg 10.5 9.5
Moderate Cold Climate, C -40…+60

Luminaire code
Article Code
FREGAT FLOOD LED 55 (30) 5000K 1426000370
FREGAT FLOOD LED 55 (60) 5000K 1426000380
FREGAT FLOOD LED 55 (A) 5000K 1426000390
FREGAT FLOOD LED 110 (30) 5000K 1426000340
FREGAT FLOOD LED 110 (60) 5000K 1426000350
FREGAT FLOOD LED 110 (A) 5000K 1426000360
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