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New! LINER LED TH Linear Luminaires

New! LINER LED TH Linear Luminaires

4 April 2016 Category: Company Author: Viktor Milyuk
Lighting Technologies
The range of linear luminaires has new products — LINER/R LED TH and LINER/S LED TH. As compared with the well-known linear luminaires LINER/R LED and LINER/S LED the new products have different form of aluminum profile (body became more narrow which gives an elegant look to the luminaires), as well as characteristics. The luminaires are available in a suspended-type (LINER/S LED TH) and built-in versions (LINER/R LED TH).
Diffuser for mobile versions of the luminaires is supplied in rolls of various lengths that allows installing light lines with a minimum gap in the diffuser or without gaps.
Advantages/Distinctive features:
- Possibility to make light lines
- Artist built exterior view and comfortable light
- Easy installation
- Energy efficiency of up to 100 lm/W
Brief specification:
- For installation in drywall, surface mounting and rope suspension
- Separate installation type (D-end caps included) and in-line installation type (DR-end caps shall be ordered separately), which are supplied without a diffuser and end caps
- Extruded aluminum enclosure
- Degree of protection: IP20
- Climatic version: UHL4
- Operating temperature: from + 5°C to + 35°C
- Protection against electric shock: - I
- Opal diffuser is made of PMMA
- 3 standard sizes
- Lifetime: 50 000 hours with lumen maintenance > 80%
- Colour Rendering Index: 80
- Colour temperature: 4000K
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