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"Lighting Technologies" Company enters the market of stomatological fixtures

"Lighting Technologies" Company enters the market of stomatological fixtures

28 January 2016 Category: Products Author: Viktor Milyuk
Lighting Technologies
Lighting Technologies
Lighting Technologies
The company holds leadership in the segment of lighting for medical organisations and sterilised rooms and offers a wide range of products. 
The company hold leadership in the segment of lighting for medical organisations and sterilised rooms and offers wide range of products. However, there are the special niches of interest within the market of stomatological fixtures. Stomatologist workstation lighting arrangement is one of such niches.
Until recently, foreign manufacturers held firm ground in this market segment, but today the prices are up along with USD and EUR exchange rates. Until recently, domestic products were not available in the market.
So today we are proud to present the novel lighting fixture called the DENTAL shadeless, developed specially for stomatologist workstation lighting. First supplies of the new product have already been shipped at the beginning of 2016.
Basic features of ‘DENTAL shadeless’ fixtures are as follows::
- large area of illuminated surface,
- diffusor of special design,
- color rendering index (CRI)> 90,
- the option for luminous power dimming.
The first two features provide shadeless illumination which is of major concern of all the stomatologists who have to manipulate inside a narrow oral cavity, or treat the patients on the operating table. At this, illumination level should be minimum 4000 Lux, which standard lighting fixtures are not capable of. Color rendering index should enable distinction between the slightest color hues of stomatological materials, and dimming function is required to subdue lighting when mixing up dental restoration materials sensible to light exposure. Design matters as well, as the proposed domestic lighting fixture has to compete with the western countertypes.
Study of products by the different manufacturers has revealed several weak spots of the offered products. Considering those weaknesses, we have developed more attractive and easy-to-use product available at lesser price. For instance, dimming function is implemented via the remote control providing smooth adjustment of illumination from 100% to 0% along with standard switching on/off options. Using this feature a stomatologist is able to control illumination without leaving his/her working place.

The housing coating material and the diffuser are resistant to disinfectants and antiseptics and stand exposure to UV radiation, thus providing long service life of the lighting fixture.

The following modifications of the lighting fixture will be manufactured: the model with six fluorescent lamps T5, power 54 W (this model is already available for order), and LED-based model.
Details and features of DENTAL shadeless fixtures are available at and in our product catalogues.
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