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  5. Project: The Golden Puck ice palace, Kazan, Russia

Project: The Golden Puck ice palace, Kazan, Russia

2 November 2015 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies
Lighting Technologies
Lighting Technologies
Integrated project to implement reliable and quality lighting at the sports facility, suitable for any mode of operation.

Short site description: The new ice palace includes an ice hockey rink, gym, and aerobics hall as well as various auxiliary facilities (drying room, ice skates storage room, change rooms, referee and coach rooms, saunas, doctor's office). Capable of hosting 200 spectators, the building has a total area of 5,855 sq. m.

Objective: Sports facility lighting is subject to stringent requirements. Among the other things, the luminaires have to provide not only good illuminance for games and competitions, but also good visibility for referees and spectators, including those at remote terraces. Considering the nature of the site, the lighting fixtures needed to have a horizontal illuminance of at least 500 lx. Other requirements included uniform illumination of the ice rink and glare reduction. A lighting solution for office and administration facilities was also required.

Result: Our lighting design won the tender in a fierce competition with the local manufacturers due to proven energy-efficient solutions that guarantee real operational savings and long service life of the lighting system.
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