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  5. Lighting Technologies topped the "League of the best" in Russia

Lighting Technologies topped the "League of the best" in Russia

16 November 2015 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies
Lighting Technologies has topped the international "League of the best" economic rating for 2015 among Russian businesses with the principal business activity code (OKVED) of 31.5, "Manufacturing of electric lamps and lighting equipment", and has been awarded the status of "Business of the year 2015"

The international "League of the best" rating is based exclusively on the official data from Russian statistical authorities and done according to the EUROREAN STANDART RATING standard, ranging over 650,000 Russian businesses using certain criteria, such as profitability, current assets, and fixed assets. The ranging system is clear and transparent, and the human factor is excluded from the decision-making due to automated calculation of the rating. The rating's authors, including the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Federal State Statistics Service, note that the inclusion of a business in the "League of the best" is a sign of a high professional level, economical stability, social importance, and dynamic development.
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