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LT CITYLIGHT: controlling urban street lighting

LT CITYLIGHT: controlling urban street lighting

8 September 2015 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies

As part of our Outdoor Lighting product range, we are now launching the LT CITYLIGHT system for controlling street lighting in an urban environment.
This modern outdoor lighting control and monitoring system enables you to both preserve the environment and save money. The system doesn't require spending additional money to modify the existing street lighting infrastructure, as the control is carried out via the power line, and centralized management and monitoring can be done remotely from anywhere in the country thanks to wireless data communication technologies and cloud-based data storage.
The main benefit of LT CITYLIGHT is simplicity. Installation of the control part takes a few hours, the software can be learned in minutes, and the system as a whole has an extensive functionality to accommodate most complex applications in the realm of street lighting control.
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