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Expanding the FREGAT LED range of LED-based street luminaires

Expanding the FREGAT LED range of LED-based street luminaires

12 October 2015 Category: Products Author: Viktor Milyuk
Lighting Technologies

New products are available for order in the efficient FREGAT LED street luminaire series. This range now includes luminaires with a rated power of 35 to 110 W, luminous efficacy of more than 100 lm/W, different color temperatures, and optional power line control.
FREGAT LED is a series of professional LED-based lighting fixtures designed for the illumination of B and V category roads per Russian classification (4+ lanes total, central reserve), adjacent areas, parking lots, and other open areas.   
The luminaire has a die-cast aluminum housing. The LED module is protected by a transparent tempered glass that is highly impact-resistant.
A unique feature of the FREGAT LED series is a special road optics that reduces the number of luminaires required per 1 km, thereby reducing installation and maintenance costs, saving power, and improving the quality of roadway lighting.
Quick specifications for FREGAT LED luminaires:
Capacity, W 35 55 110
Light flux, lm. 3800 5800 11000
Lm/W 108 105 100
Color temperature,K 5000(4000)
Color rendering index ≥70
(lхwхh), mm
FREGAT LED series luminaires can replace ZhKU/RKU type luminaires with a rated power of 70 to 250 W. The new additions include versions with 4000 K color temperature and optional power line control (PLC) for use with the LT CITYLIGHT lighting system. As an option, the luminaires can be supplied with a wall-mount bracket.
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