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New product: emergency lighting luminaire ALTAIR LED

New product: emergency lighting luminaire ALTAIR LED

17 August 2015 Category: Products Author: Viktor Milyuk
Lighting Technologies
ALTAIR LED as the i-BRILL luminaire is referred to premium emergency ones. When mounting on the wall, the luminaire creates a visual effect of levitation due to the front, illuminated part of the device is protruding beyond the lines of the metal case where electronics are located; the illuminated part is back out of the wall by this case thickness. The lighted part is a thin transparent panel with a pictogram built-in. The edge LED technology is used in the luminaire.
When the emergency luminaire shall have not only safe performance in emergency, but it shall be a part of the interior, the luminaire ATLAIR LED will be a perfect solution.
As all emergency luminaires, ALTAIR LED is manufactured at the factory of Lighting Technologies in Spain (TRQ).
The luminaire may operate both in autonomous mode, and with the centralized emergency lighting systems.
Article Capacity, W Operating time in emergency mode, in hours.
ALTAIR 4000-4 LED 4 --
ALTAIR 4021-4 LED 4 1
ALTAIR 4023-5 LED 5 3
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