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Lighting Technologies and Deus introduce ME6, a jointly developed cloud-based wireless LED lighting control system

Lighting Technologies and Deus introduce ME6, a jointly developed cloud-based wireless LED lighting control system

4 June 2015 Category: Компания Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies

In terms of market relevance and technology, the new product is easily on par with similar offerings from world-leading wireless lighting control system vendors and even surpasses them in some respects.

"This new solution is the actual future of lighting, an innovation that brings office, industrial and any other type of illumination to a new level, improving time between failures and providing expanded options for customization to the needs of a specific site. Already today, there is a definite potential for further applications not only in building and facility lighting, but also in outdoor lighting as well as in the development of various devices to create a unified Smart Building & Smart Cities ecosystem", says Dmitry Drykin, Executive Vice President at Lighting Technologies.

"We were looking for a simple solution that would enable the customer to control a luminaire network remotely in real time, to keep track of the power consumed by the individual luminaires and the whole system, to create unique lighting scenarios for each area, and much more. Our new cloud solution lets the customer upgrade the existing lighting system and program all the lighting equipment according to their requirements with no additional costs or specialized knowledge, all using just a graphical user interface from a browser or a mobile device. This is the level of flexibility that the modern world demands", says Egor Paramonov, CEO at Deus.


Facts about the wireless system market
Despite being fairly new, the wireless lighting control systems market has been growing strongly. According to the "Wireless Lighting Controls 2014 to 2018 Market Research" report by Memoori, the global market for such systems is estimated at USD 1.7 billion. Memoori predicts this market to grow 30% annually on average from 2013 till 2020, reaching 24% of the overall lighting control market by 2020. In 2013, wireless lighting control systems were installed in the following building types: Commercial ~56%; Public ~25%; Industrial ~19%.


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