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Podillya City mall, Vinnitsa, Ukraine Best project of 2014 in Ukraine

Podillya City mall, Vinnitsa, Ukraine Best project of 2014 in Ukraine

7 May 2015 Category: Компания Author: Alla Posunko
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Yury Plyasovitsa, Chief Architect of the project, tells about the concept, construction process, and design features of the mall.

Despite this being a difficult year for Ukrainians, life goes on. New buildings and malls are being constructed, although not in the same numbers as before. Nowadays builders and engineers treat the products they sell especially carefully, because there is no allowance for errors. All products must meet stringent performance and ROI requirements as well as have quality guarantees.

Podillya City mall in Vinnitsa, Ukraine was nominated the "Best implemented design" in the traditional design competition. Yury Plyasovitsa, Chief Architect of the project, kindly agreed to talk with LT about this project and its unique features.

LT: Yury, tell us a bit about the mall and the location chosen for it.

YP: The construction of Podillya City mall marks the final stage in the development of Podillya residential area in Vinnitsa. The area is an example of a holistic approach to residential development in Ukraine. In this case, a new modern residential area with a rich infrastructure was built on an empty 30-hectare land plot.  The mall with a total area of 15,000 sq. m was placed on the edge of the city center, near the end of Ulitsa Zodchikh, the main street of the residential area.  Among the tenants, there are both local and large businesses, such as Sil'po and Techmarket.

LT: What had to be done to create a comfortable venue for the city inhabitants? After all, reworking is always more challenging than building from the ground up.

YP:  The construction took a long time. The initial design was done by Lvov Design Institute. After finishing the frame of the building, the investor changed its intended purpose. Plyasovitsy architecture and design shop from Vinnitsa took on the redesign. Facade design, building plan and engineering solutions were revised. To make visiting the mall more convenient, a parking place for 170 vehicles and many open spaces are provided. The needs of smaller businesses are also covered—more than a hundred shops with areas ranging from 5 sq. m. to 100 sq. m offer various services. This includes a post office as well as restaurants and cafes. An important area of focus was integrating the recreation, entertainment, and children leisure areas in the mall.

LT: What original design features were implemented in the project?

YP:  A special attention was paid to the concourse.  This is where travolators, escalators, and elevators are concentrated together with an encircling gallery supported on classical "ancient Greek" columns. The main design theme was inspired by the recent events in the Eastern Ukraine. This is what lead us to the idea of populating the intra-truss space with towers, airplanes bearing national symbols, and a sculpture of birds taking off that symbolizes peace.

The main features of the architectural concept are the contrast and the blind planes combined with intentionally open stairway enclosures. All of this is reinforced by facade illumination that lends the whole building a surreal image in the night time. Modern materials such as metal and glass are complemented by a smooth palette of painted planes and even purposely spilt paint on the facades that face the windows of residential buildings.

LT: Why did you decide to use luminaires by Lighting technologies?

When designing the mall interior, we were pleasantly surprised when the customer suggested to migrate to the energy-efficient LED luminaires. The choice was limited—Philips, NLCO and Light Technologies. Four key factors influenced our decision on the tender—breadth of product range, exterior design, environmental impact and, of course, people.

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