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New BH COMFORT bed luminaire for hospital wards

New BH COMFORT bed luminaire for hospital wards

20 May 2015 Category: Продукты Author: Viktor Milyuk
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Research shows that light can make patients recover faster.

Supposedly, a medical institution is a place where everything, including lighting, should be focused on improving patients' comfort and well-being. But in reality, when we come to a clinic or a hospital, we can readily feel all the downsides of "cheap" lighting.

Let's look at the basic factors that influence our well-being.

The first factor is illuminance level. According to the Russian regulations, 300 lx is considered sufficient. With correctly chosen and positioned luminaires it is easy to achieve that illuminance level. When there is not enough light, visual fatigue results that can lead to headaches and cause deterioration of vision in the long term.

Another important factor is color temperature. It is known that warm color temperatures (2800 to 3500 K) have a calming effect on humans whereas cold ones (5000 to 6000 K) agitate the nervous system. Normally, neutral-colored (4000 K) luminaires should be used in administrative buildings and medical institutions.

Light flicker affects human well-being imperceptibly because flicker frequency usually exceeds the capabilities of human vision and brain to register the variations of light. Too much flicker can cause overfatigue, headaches, and even injuries. In hospital wards, percent flicker must not exceed 10%.

Besides main lighting, hospital wards have to be equipped with stand-by lights in order to avoid turning on the main lights during the night time when someone needs help. Those lights are installed recessed in walls at the foot level.

Premium wards are equipped with so called bed luminaires that have additional functions such as 220 V power sockets for portable devices, nurse call button, network connectors for laptops, or even medical gas supply connections. Such luminaires are categorized as medical equipment and require special certification.

Lighting Technologies now offers the new BH COMFORT bed luminaire which differs from the existing BH version by having colored end pieces and decorative panels as well as additional functions like an RJ45 socket for Internet connection. Similar to BH, the BH COMFORT luminaire can be equipped with a nurse call button and a 220 V power socket. The luminaire is available in stock in three different color options.

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