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COST EFFECTIVE. A new budget luminaire series

COST EFFECTIVE. A new budget luminaire series

18 March 2015 Category: Products Author: Viktor Milyuk
Lighting Technologies

COST EFFECTIVE. A new budget luminaire series

Due to their simple design and innovative production process, we are glad to introduce to you
the luminaires combining two basic characteristics: price/quality and high reliability.


The assortment of the COST EFFECTIVE product range offers solutions for such segments as office, salesroom, housing and utility, and industrial lighting. Apart from reasonable price, solid competitive advantages in technical characteristics and design are provided.


First, it is the compliance with all regulatory requirements concerning such parameters as energy efficiency, light flux pulsation level, power factor, electromagnetic compatibility, and color temperature.

Second, all the luminaires are thought out to detail in terms of structure and design. For example, OPTIMA.PRS ECO LED 595 luminaire is manufactured in a general-duty housing, suitable for both being integrated in suspended ceilings and mounted on a bearing surface. A typical deficiency
of alternative luminaires of this type, i.e. driver and wiring visibility through the diffuser, is effectively eliminated as follows: the driver is hidden inside the housing behind lamels serving as an additional reflector. Due to it, the luminaire, considering losses on the diffuser, has luminous efficiency over 100 lm/W.

The SLICK.PRS ECO LED industrial illumination luminaire has no equivalents in the Russian market both in terms of its characteristics and price. A small-size housing of the fixture is made of die-cast aluminum, which ensures IP65 protection class and long service life. The minimum labor input for installation and connection is ensured due to special mounting brackets, included in the delivery set, and a sealed lead-in (the luminaire does not require disassembly to be connected to the 220 V mains).

All luminaires are available in stock.


Ultra-thin light-emitting-diode lamp is an ideal solution for use
in conditions of a limited ceiling void. The design of its optical part with LEDs arranged along the edge provides for uniform illumination of diffuser and comfortable light without dazzling effects.



A high-quality integrated driver ensures the absence of light flux pulsation and luminaire compliance with the requirements
of GOST concerning EMC. The luminaires are intended for direct replacement of lighting fixtures of Downlight type with compact fluorescent lamps.



The housing made of cast aluminum ensures the necessary heat dissipation and optimal operation mode of the LEDs, while its overall         build quality, due to an integrated driver and spring-loaded mounting clips, renders the installation process easy
and convenient.



The high quality of this luminaire is contributed to by versatility
of the housing, excellent aesthetic characteristics, and its energy efficiency reaching 112 lm/W.



An ideal solution for the housing and utility segment, ensuring maximum protection and low operating costs. The luminaire
has the maximum protection from the effects of dust, moisture, impacts, and ultraviolet radiation.



A series of simple and reliable LED luminaires. Protection class IP54 implies a possibility of use in rooms with adverse conditions and under sheds.



An optimal solution for illumination of covered parking lots, production shops, and sports facilities. The luminaires of this series serve as replacements for the devices of LSP 2 × 36
and ЛСП 2 × 58 type.



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