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B-TWIN LED. A new industrial luminaire series

B-TWIN LED. A new industrial luminaire series

26 March 2015 Category: Products Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies

We announce commencing of sales of a new B-TWIN LED industrial luminaire series.

The B-TWIN LED series is intended for small-size production shops and warehouse facilities with ceiling height up to 5 meters.

The advantages of the B-TWIN luminaire series are:

  • Reliability and robustness. A metal body and a polycarbonate diffuser render the luminaire resistant
    to mechanical damage
  • High-quality illumination without dazzling effects is achieved through application of an opalescent polycarbonate diffuser
  • High energy efficiency of 90 lm/W
  • Small height of the luminaire’s body enabling installation in height-limited rooms

The luminaire is mounted on the ceiling surface with the help of mounting angles supplied with
the luminaire. The fixture can be chain-suspended or installed on the lighting busduct.


Technical characteristics

B-TWIN LED 40 5000K арт. 1500000010

Power consumption, W


Luminous flux, Lm


Energy efficiency, Lm/W






overall dimensions (LхWхH), mm


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