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Project: Kashirskaya SDPP Host-based System of Emergency Lightning

Project: Kashirskaya SDPP Host-based System of Emergency Lightning

26 March 2015 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies


Short description of a project:
Kashirskaya SDPP n.a. G.M. Krzhizhanovskogo is the oldest and biggest  enterprise of Kashirsky district of Moscow region. It is built according to the plan GOELRO in 1919-1922. Station rated output power: 1 910 MW. Kashirskaya SDPP is included in energy system of Moscow region. Simultaneously with  SDPP, in 1922 there were also provided an overhead transmission line of Kashir-Moscow, that became a leading ETL voltage 110 kilowatt in the country .

The specialists of “Lightning technologies” had a task to offer a maximum sustainable and effective solution of emergency light organization in two corps of the station, and also to provide  the observance of all normative rules and requirements of emergency light at introduction of this decision.

For the solution of application task there was used an equipment - Host-based System of Emergency Lightning (HBSEL):
- HBSEL DIALOG 1,5  kilowatt
- HBSEL DIALOG 5,5  kilowatt

In the 1 quarter of 2015 “Lightning Technologies” finished testing and commissioning and erection supervision work of HBSEL DIALOG  at Kashirskaya GRES.
The usage of the system DIALOG allowed to provide the assured trouble-free work of emergency lights, and also to automatize realization of planned tests of equipment and monitoring of correctness of all of the tools of the system. Due to complex approach of task solution were made the strict requirements of Consumer.

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