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You are welcome at our new site!

You are welcome at our new site!

3 February 2015 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies

Lighting Technologies IGC is proud to announce our new Customer website, launched in Feb 2015. Understanding the importance of our Partner’s needs to access the latest Company information and new products and solutions, we continue to enhance and improve our Customer’s on-line experience.

Please join us at “insert website landing page”

What has changed?

  • LT IGC welcomes Lighting Technologies Europe and Lighting Technologies India to our International Group of Companies 
  • Streamlined layout and website design, improved ease of use
  • Improved Energy efficiency and Illumination calculators
  • Integrated Product database enabling faster product and key information updates
  • Updated International Sales contact information
  • Launch of the new LT Europe LED Sales Portfolio and Product Catalog
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