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HB LED Luminaires are Installed in the Warehouse Complex in St. Petersburg

HB LED Luminaires are Installed in the Warehouse Complex in St. Petersburg

1 December 2014 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies
Lighting Technologies
Lighting Technologies

Name of the object
Adaman-1 warehouse Armada Park

Project description
High-tech warehouse is located in the southern part of St.Petersburg. Warehouse has all the necessary infrastructure for storage and transportation of goods and corresponds to the highest quality standards. Engineering infrastructure of the warehouse provides modern ventilation and air conditioning, water, heat and electricity supply, fire safety, as well as modern illumination. 

Among the tenants of the complex are some large distributors of cosmetics, clothes, food products, in particular, such brands as Rive Gauche and Frujet. 

It was required to offer the energy-efficient LED lighting. The feasibility study was prepared for the selection of the equipment in compliance with all the illumination standards for different areas/zones. 

In the refrigerating shelf storage areas with high ceilings HB LED 76 D30 was installed (suspension length – 10m, illumination – 150lx). 

In the sorting zone – HB LED 76 D64 (suspension length – 6-8m, illumination – 300lx).

Loading/unloading area – HB LED 76 D100 (suspension length – 6m, illumination - 150lx).

Rive Gauche area for the main illumination – HB LED 76 D64 (suspension length – 12.6m, illumination – 200lx), storage shelf area – HB LED 76 D30. 

LED luminaires manufactured under the brand Lighting Technologies are installed in the most of the storage areas of the warehouse complex.

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