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Implemented Project: Severstal Plant

Implemented Project: Severstal Plant

23 October 2014 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies
Lighting Technologies
Lighting Technologies

Balakovo, Saratov region

Project description:
JSC Severstal – Long plant Balakovo – one of the high-techest productions in Russia and one of the most modern in the world. Project investments amounted to 23.2 billion rubles.
The project capacity of the plant is equal to one million tones of long products for construction applications per year.  

Project task:
Initially, the project was based on the imported fittings. Therefore it was needed to choose the best energy-efficient analogues, which will correspond to the already offered imported products by its quality, but at a lower price.  

Solution from Lighting Technologies:
Taking into consideration a large area of the plant, a wide range of lighting products were offered, in particular the following models: BUG 600 4500K, PTF/R 414, ARCTIC 236, ARCTIC 258, MIZAR 4023-3 LED SP, URAN 6523-4 LED, KRK 258 HF, LZ 236 HF, LEADER UMS 150 Grey, NBT 17 F126, HBA 250, HBA 250 EL, HBT 250, HBX 250

The project was almost entirely (over 80%) made basing on the luminaires from Lighting Technologies.

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