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Test Run of the Control System for the Outdoor Lighting LT Citylight

Test Run of the Control System for the Outdoor Lighting LT Citylight

22 October 2014 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova

Lighting Technologies Company (sub-brand Transport Infrastructure) together with the JSC Stavropol electrical networks carried out the installation and commissioning of the outdoor lighting control system LT Citylight.

The system manages operation of the three lines of the outdoor lighting in the array of Komsomolskaya hill in the center of the city of Stavropol. Test operation of the control system for the outdoor lighting LT Citylight will last until January 2015.

Brief description of the LT Citylight

The automated control system LT Citylight is a simple and at the same time a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing of the outdoor and industrial lighting. Control of the luminaires in the system is carried out via the PLC protocol for the supply cable without the necessity of any additional wires or installation of a GSM-modem. Installation of the system is quite simple and technological. Application of the LT Citylight can save up to 50% in the energy costs and maintenance. The system architecture consists of two controllers: control box and the luminaire, as well as the specially developed software. Software is supplied under the scheme SaaS (cloud solution), but, basing on the customer’s request, can be installed on a local server.    
Communication between the software and the multi-functional controller of the control box is managed via the GPRS-network, further commands and data is transmitted via the mains supply. 

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