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A New PG Track System is Available in Stock

A New PG Track System is Available in Stock

17 September 2014 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova

Lighting Technologies Company launches a new track system PG Track for illumination of the retail spaces. This new product is a budget solution of quality, which corresponds to the more expensive analogues.

The main advantages of the track system are its mechanical strength and carrying capacity; compatibility with different types of the adapters, which ensures reliable contact of the luminaire with the power conducting wires. The track system PG Track meets the strictest requirements to the reliability of the system.

The track system is manufactured in three colour variants: white, grey and black; with the length of the main elements from 1 up to 4 meters. The variety of the connection elements and accessories allows solving almost any task of illumination of the retail spaces.

The track system is in stock and available for ordering. 

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