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SUN. Quality Standard of the Manufactured Luminaires

SUN. Quality Standard of the Manufactured Luminaires

21 July 2014 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies

One of our biggest priorities is the quality of the manufactures luminaires. Those who already work with our company are well aware that we test all of our products in accordance to the national and international standards. Now we have done a step further and developed our own quality standard for the manufactured luminaires.

SUN (Sustainable Usability Norms) implies conformity to the 20 criteria, each with strictly determined values. The defined criteria are set on a higher level than the existing GOST standards and norms. Our internal standard also meets the requirements of the so-called green certification systems BREEAM and LEED.

SUN sign will mark only those fixtures that successfully pass all the tests set in accordance to these criteria. If any of the items do not pass the tests, two options are being considered: either the product goes through a new re-design process or it will be taken out of the assortment. We clearly understand that this is a long-term process. Our goal is to have only SUN products in our portfolio over the next two years.

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