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Machining Center HAAS VF-3SS Has Been Put into Operation

13 July 2014 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova

The manufacturing capabilities of our factory in Ryazan have been enlarged by a new machine – super speed vertical machining center HAAS VF-3SS. The new equipment will increase the productivity of die-casting aluminum shop. In particular, the machine will perform the following operations: cleaning traces of gating system and fin, drilling out holes, threading for housings and covers of such popular models as Leader 400, Leader 250 Housing, HB LED Housing.

Super Speed Vertical Machining Center HAAS VF-3SS is designed using the latest world technologies. This new generation of vertical CNC milling machines, which are ideal for short-run and individual productions, medium and small parts, for prototype castings of aluminum alloy for developing luminaires.
Such characteristics as high-precision three-axis machining, advanced programming, graphic display ensure excellent accuracy of executing commands and allow the operator to quickly achieve the desired result. Servodrive with digital control provides accurate and rapid movement in all three axes.

Thanks to optimal technical features, HAAS VF-3SS can perform large numbers of operation, such as milling, boring, drilling, threading, in one machine.

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