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LT EMOTIONS. Luminaires for Trendy Design Concepts (for those, who could not attend us at ARCH Moscow)

10 July 2014 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova

At the end of May significant exhibition among architects and designers – ARCH Moscow 2014 took place simultaneously with the 4th Moscow Architecture Biennale. We would like to thank everyone who visited Lighting Technologies booth during the show.

For those who did not have an opportunity to come, we are pleased to demonstrate the six models shown at the exhibition and attracted the most interest among specialists.


MOTION is an extra-thin suspended luminaire based on organic LED technology. By this luminaire, Lighting Technologies is presenting a lighting fixture of the future. Housing made of artificial stone. Its original shape creates a motion effect.


  • Wattage – 37.5 W
  • Light flux – 1875 lm
  • Light efficiency– 50 lm/W
  • CRI >90
  • Color temperature – 4000 K



JIM OLED is a table luminaire based on organic LED technology. The new technology, though now at the primary stage of development, will provide a new spark for the market. Lightning Technologies is one of the first companies to develop a lighting equipment based on LG organic light emitting diodes. The housing is made of aluminum colored in metallic. The design speaks for itself – it really is the light of the future!


  • Wattage – 5.2/4.8 W
  • Light flux – 250/225 lm
  • Light efficiency– 50 lm/W
  • CRI >90
  • Color temperature – 4000 K


SATURNO – the personal planet of light in the Universe of your apartment. The mysteries of Saturn's rings stirred our imagination from the childhood. The image of the sixth planet from the Sun is the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking at the design of SATURNO luminaire, where the lamp is surrounded by a system of inclined rings.

The luminaire, as well as the unusual planet, is changing depending on the observer location. Every time it looks different, now hiding the light source from us behind softly lighted rings, now its ribbed surface dissecting the light of lamp. The cosmic scale luminaire, unassembled, easily fits in a very flat earth packaging.


  • Diameter – 600 mm
  • Light source – CFL
  • Power consumption – 18 W



A range of suspended luminaires of diffused illumination. The diffuser is made of multilayer polymeric material of a unique SILKY texture. The housing and the ceiling cup are made of chromed metal. Thanks to three different lengths and variety of lenses colors unique lighting solutions can be created in an illuminated space.


  • Length - 675 / 1275 / 1575 mm
  • Light source – T5 linear lamp
  • Power consumption – 2x14 / 2x28 / 2x35 W



Inspiration for the STALA luminaire was such a natural phenomenon, like a stalactite, which originates in certain geological conditions, and requires a considerable number of years to grow. Persistent and detailed study is bearing fruit, as well as any design work, forming an unusual aesthetic perception. Iridescent opal diffuser when the luminaire is on really shines as a stalactite.


  • Diameter – 350/550 mm
  • Light source – incandescent lamp / linear fluorescent lamp
  • Power consumption – 2x60 / 3x75 W



SIGARO is a tightly-rolled bundle of tobacco leaves (cylindrical or close to it), that can be smoked in the form as it is. The main purpose of smoking cigars, according to smokers, – is getting pleasure from tobacco flavor. The main purpose of creating SIGARO luminaire, according to designers, – is getting pleasure from comfort illumination.

Pendant LED luminaire with dispersion angle of 47º and warm color temperature of 3000 K has a flatter aesthetic form and tuned to a creative mood.


  • Length – 400 mm
  • Light source – LED
  • Power consumption – 7 W

    We hope that our products will give you an inspiration and new interesting ideas and solutions for your future projects.

    Some of the luminaire presented here have not been launched to production yet. For more information and details on our company and luminaires, please, feel free to contact us.
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