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Convenient Solution for Maintenance Fixtures Installed at High Altitude!

9 July 2014 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies

Lighting Technologies assortment has been expanded by REEL TECH Lighting-Lifts (South Korea). REEL TECH Lighting-Lifts are designed for easy raising and lowering of luminaires in premises with high ceilings – industrial shops, sport centers, hypermarkets, airports and etc.

With the help of REEL TECH Lighting-Lifts maintenance of lighting fixtures or replacement of falling out lamps can be easily done with minimum time without the involvement of qualified professionals and rent of expensive equipment.
Technical personnel of the enterprise can provide the service of luminaires without a special training to operate at high altitude. All operations of cleaning luminaires or replacement of a lamp are to de done at ground level when the power is off.
The assortment of lighting lifts includes modifications for lowering the luminaires from the height from 10 to 30 m and the weight from 10 to 500 kg.
A control of lifting lifts can be carried out through a wired (via a switch) or wireless connection (via remote control).

Learn more about REEL TECH Lighting-Lifts. 

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