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17 April 2013 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova

The project of the unique office building for the Organizing Committee of the XXII Winter Olympic Games and XI Paralympic Games 2014 in Sochi has glittered with  luminaries produced by the Lighting Technologies Company.

The complex of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee is located in the territory of the Olympic park of the Imereti lowland. Three wings of the office building covering 43 thousand of sq m combined new innovative architectural developments, equipment and construction materials and the optimum energy saving system.

For the lighting project, the traditional decisions and LED developments of Lighting Technologies Company were used. The backlighting of the public areas: halls, corridors, offices, speaking rooms and dining rooms, staircases and underground parking was worked out.

LED LINER fixtures were chosen for the backlighting of the entrance areas and halls. The main idea was the continuous light line creation.

The office area has been illuminated with suspended type luminaires VIGO of direct- indirect lighting. 

The basic concept of the backlighting of speaking rooms underlying the idea of combined lighting was realized by CORRIDO and tracking fixtures LUCENA FLV 15 LED. This optimum type of luminaire allowed creating the accent in lighting and the public areas were full of light due to the module system of CORRIDO fittings.


Comfort and non oppressive lighting in the great hall was achieved by the recessed luminaires DL 10 LED, DL 15 LED, DLG 25 LED. These compact fixtures have made the lighting installation almost invisible without unnecessary visual elements in the ceiling. 


Presence sensing units ESYLUX HFD (protocol DALI regulated) were used for managing the lighting in the building of the Organizing Committee. They combine the presence detecting as well as the control of constant illumination level and the possibility of providing the control of up to 30 fittings’ operation. 
This decision is ideal for projects with “green” standards LEED or BREEAM required.

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