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More opportunities for carrying out photometric measurements

More opportunities for carrying out photometric measurements

23 October 2013 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova

Lighting Technologies commissioned new equipment, a spectrometer with the integrating sphere, diameter 2m in its laboratory. Instrument Systems, a German company, being a member of Konika Minolta concern and a recognized leader in the segment of measurement equipment is the manufacturer of the equipment.

This equipment became a logical supplement to the photometrical equipment already acquired by the laboratory, and, first of all, to RIGO goniophotometer. The new installation is intended for the definition of the total luminous flux of a light source and allows to perform the most complex measurements and calculations of photometrical and colorimetric parameters to high precision. Measurement opportunities of the sphere are extremely important in the course of development of lighting equipment with any light sources.

“It is the first time that we deliver a photometrical sphere with such a wide range of functions to Russia. And I suppose that there are a few lighting companies which may boast of presence of such an innovative equipment.  ISP 200 is the last development with the largest diameter out of all spheres manufactured by our company. The installation is equipped with a temperature sensor to control thermal conditions and with a detector having a fiber adapter to connect the sphere with the whole spectrum measurement,” commented Justin Blanke, a manager of Instrument Systems.

“The commissioning of this system significantly expended our opportunities in the area of operation monitoring of light and color characteristics of luminaires, and lights sources of all types. The engineers of the company received a modern measurement instrument which will allow to improve the quality and to reduce terms of development of new items, first of all, of new LED luminaires. We plan to continue cooperation with the leading world producers of specialized measurement equipment in order to create within Lighting Technologies a complete modern research lighting center”, said Alexander Karev, the technical director of Lighting Technologies.     

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