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Lighting Technologies Develops A New Dimmable Indirect LED Luminaire With A Variable Color Temperature

Lighting Technologies Develops A New Dimmable Indirect LED Luminaire With A Variable Color Temperature

17 June 2014 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova

Lighting Technologies Design Department has completed a development of OTX CF LED, a new LED luminaire with variable color temperature and luminous flux.

The luminaire is characterized by several features and functions unique in the market. First, it is an indirect luminaire, a product still rare in the LED-lighting market. Such luminaires create softer, non-glare illumination for maximum comfort of working environment. Second, the luminaire has several LED modules of various color temperatures. Two drivers control the luminous radiation intensity of each module. They make it possible to adjust the color temperature of the prototype within the range of 2,800 to 5,800 K. Third, the luminaire’s luminous flux in the color fusion dynamic mode is 3,000 lm, while the overall power consumption is only 35 W. The luminaire is controlled by DALI protocol using Helvar controller (Finland) and two Vossloh Schwabe controllable drivers (Germany). The color temperature and the luminous flux can be adjusted using a remote control, which offers several preset options or manual configuration of the luminaire’s operation mode.
This luminaire has been developed on the basis of extensive research in the effects of color and light environment on the psycho-emotional status of people. According to this research, an extended stay in premises with extensively cold color temperatures may cause nervous over-excitation and circadian rhythm disruption leading in turn to insomnia, stresses and the chronic fatigue syndrome. On the contrary, warm color temperatures produce a soothing effect on the nervous system. During the day people live through various cycles, which determine hours of maximum working efficiency, decline in activity and the need for recreation. By tailoring the color environment to these cycles one can better avoid over-fatigue and feel fresh. Obviously, this also affects work performance. The development of LED technologies in the market opens the widest opportunities for creation of a variable color environment.

Details on availability of this luminaire can be found on our web-site. Follow Lighting Technologies news.

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