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Four days left to the Earth Hour

Four days left to the Earth Hour

24 March 2014 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova

Lighting Technologies supports annual environmental initiative of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) named the Earth Hour. This action will take place on the March 29th, at 20:30. Billions of people all across the world will turn off their lights and all the electrical appliances as prove of their concern in the future of the planet. Number of the participants in this action is increasing constantly, which reflects the global trend of the rising importance of the care for the environment.

One of the most effective measures in protection of the environment is beginning of usage of the energy efficient LED luminaires. Advantages of LED are obvious in terms of environment and costs reduction.  According to the various estimations, energy saving at, for example, industrial facilities can be enormous high and reach up to 60%.

Necessity to reduce the harmful impact on the environment is obvious for everyone. With each day it is being discussed more often at the different levels of our society. It is time to move from the understanding to the action. That is why our company pays a lot of attention to the energy efficient solutions by expanding our range of the LED luminaires and offering lighting control systems.  

You may support the action Earth Hour right now by visiting the following link:

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