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Latest offers in LT Emotions product range

Latest offers in LT Emotions product range

25 April 2014 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies
Lighting Technologies
Lighting Technologies

We are pleased to announce that new models of decorative luminaires have been appeared in the LT Emotions product range.

LED models BARRO 7 SPOTECLIPSE 3 L and aluminum profile PROFILE 60 for the LED strip light have been developed to introduce attractive lighting solutions, create soft, subdued lighting and unique interiors.

Solution for a flexible lighting system is provided by BARRO 7 SPOT, from the BARRO range, which has its own monopoint mounting system. The luminaire is mounted on ceiling and has a rotating optical part.

One more LT Emotions product, the recessed luminaire ECLIPSE, with its peculiar design, will add a creative note to any room, even if designed in a low-key style.

The recessed profile system PROFILE 60 is a great tool for architects or lighting designers. The profile allows implementing various ideas: from decorative continuous light lines to general functional illumination. In addition to the above, there is a wide range of LED strip lights, allowing you to choose a solution that best suits a certain purpose.
These models and their basic technical data can be found on the web page.

The new products BARRO 7 SPOTECLIPSE 3 LPROFILE 60 are already available for ordering. Please follow news updates on our web-site.

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