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Ryazan Central factory laboratory gets new equipment - a special Thermal test chamber for luminaires

Ryazan Central factory laboratory gets new equipment - a special Thermal test chamber for luminaires

11 February 2014 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova

The  central factory laboratory has completed test checks of a thermal test chamber developed for all types of lighting fixtures. Its special design makes it possible to satisfy complex and, as often as not, non-typical requirements of our product engineers. We are particularly glad to inform you that this equipment was designed and subsequently assembled by Lighting Technologies professional staff.

The thermal test chamber is a chamber maintaining a set range of temperatures in its internal volume. Once the chamber is switched on, the temperature is fully stabilized, controlled and maintained at a constant level automatically during a set period of time. Laminar air flows are maintained inside the chamber thus ensuring even heating.
The equipment being tested, for example, a luminaire, electronic devices (including a driver or a controller), polymer materials, etc. are placed inside the chamber.Testing is performed in a standard operating mode allowing control and automatic recording of electric and thermal parameters.

The chamber’s specifications:
Operating volume: 0.75m3 (1,850x640x640mm)
Voltage: 220V
Power: 1.6kW
Time to reach 40°С in the chamber – 18 minutes.
Time to reach 65°С in the chamber – 35 minutes.
Operating temperature limit – 80°С (the temperature range is limited by the finishing materials)
Controller’s operating mode – PID-control
Accuracy of temperature control is ±0.5°С
Temperature differential inside the chamber is not more than ±1С

In our day-to-day operations the most frequent task is to design lighting fixtures to be used in enhanced temperature conditions, for example, 60°С or else. Design of all luminaires is being tested in this particular type of chambers as an integral part of full testing, which all lighting fixtures under development have to pass.. Thus the thermal test chamber will extend the capabilities of the laboratory, which now has the most up-to-date equipment meeting the highest requirements.

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