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RADUGA PARK shopping mall project was implemented

RADUGA PARK shopping mall project was implemented

24 December 2013 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova


Project description:
It is the first time the shopping center of this scale has been implemented in Ekaterinburg. Amusement park and green area are created in the surrounding area. There are cafes, rides, children’s playground and seasonal active games and sports grounds both inside and outside of the complex.

Energy-efficient lighting of technical and administrative premises.

Solutions of Lighting Technologies:
First of all, audit of working documentation revealed a number of incompliance with norms and regulations. Secondly we offered the designers to use HBM luminaire as the main lighting solution (initially other options were under consideration).

Tests were carried out at the customer’s area - several lighting sections were illuminated with lighting fixtures of different manufacturers. HBM luminaire with MHL lamps were approved by all estimated parameters, including aesthetic appearance.

As the result of professional approach working project was amended with corrections, which were taken as the basis for implementation.

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