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Leroy Merlin East project was implemented

Leroy Merlin East project was implemented

22 October 2013 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova


Project description:
Leroy Merlin East LLC is a Russian subdivision of Leroy Merlin, one of the leading European networks of household stores. Leroy Merlin is a member of Adeo Group of Companies which has more than 300 stores in 10 countries.

Technical parameters:
Free net height under lights
Selling area  -  h 6.5 m
Reserve area  -  h 6.5 m
Office mezzanine (susp. ceiling)  -  h 3.0 m

Energy-efficient lighting of manufacturing, engineering and technical and administrative premises and reduction of costs for energy. A complex delivery of lighting equipment to all administrative, trading, office and amenity premises, as well as to adjacent territories of Leroy Merlin East LLC.

Solutions of Lighting Technologies:
Lighting Technologies selected and performed a complex delivery of lighting equipment:
for administrative premises
ARS/R 418 HF, DLG 226 HF
for trading premises
KRK 258 HF, LNK 258 HF, TOP 236 HF
for office and amenity premises
for an entrance group
CD 218, НВА250

Due to application of the equipment offered by Lighting Technologies the Customer being the owner of the building achieved a significant reduction of energy consumption in its trading area up to 116 kW/20,000 m².  This result is better than other solutions offered by other manufacturers of lighting equipment.

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