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Laser cutting Technology was introduced in production facility in Ryazan

Laser cutting Technology was introduced in production facility in Ryazan

7 August 2013 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova

Laser cutting technology was placed in operation in LT Company’s production facility in Ryazan. The unit Platino 1530f is the last generation device among such type of equipment at present.

Implementation of the laser cutting technology develops the production capacities for series production as well as gives the advanced possibilities for new models creation, any project realization and the prototype realization without using of special equipment.

The important advantage is the work efficiency increase. As this process is fully atomized, possible human errors are totally excluded.
Compact Server system places the steel sheets on a table automatically and collects the finished parts. 2 kV hard body laser is supposed to cut thin steel sheets, but also can cut steel sheets up to 15mm.

The laser cutting device is equipped with the unique option – a special cutter block and lunettes allowing cutting shaped objects on the round, square and any camper flap.

The Company follows to high ecological standards in production having installed the aspiration and smoke removal filters systems.

Important effect of the new technology implementation is the decrease of production cost. It became possible due to the compressed air cutting system implementation replacing gas in the cutting area.

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