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  5. Final results of the competition «BRIGHT IDEA» aimed at development of new LED fixtures

Final results of the competition «BRIGHT IDEA» aimed at development of new LED fixtures

25 December 2012 Category: Company Author: Maria Popova

Those who wanted to participate sent their ideas for new LED fixtures development. The winners of the competition will be awarded to valuable prizes as well as the possibility to take part in the implementation of ideas and creation of the new real lighting fixture. The first ten participants, will be awarded to be the subscribers for three specialized magazines «Svetotechnika», «Modern svetotechnika», «Semi-conducting svetotechnika» for one year.


Participant Prize Idea
Sobolev Evgeny iPhone 4S 32 GB Development of effective and functional LED fixture for housing
Danilenko Irina iPhone 4S 16 GB Some ideas for development of new design LED fixtures
Kosovtsova Darya iPad (new) 32 GB Some ideas for development of LED outdoor lighting fixtures

By the results of the competition «BRIGHT IDEA», jury’s decision was:

iPad (new) 32 ГБ 3G  goes to  Chepelev Anton  and  Litvinov Vyacheslav ( CJSC "Tander") for ideas of  LED  fixture development (BASE series). This fixture is updated, aimed to be used both as the office and trade lighting, besides it has good results of efficacy. BASE series of LED lighting has been successfully introduced and already used in some new projects.


Participant Prize
Dumanskaya Irina «Svetotechnika», «Modern svetotechnika», «Semi-conducting svetotechnika»
Sidorenko Elena «Svetotechnika», «Modern svetotechnika», «Semi-conducting svetotechnika»
Surodkin Vladimir «Svetotechnika», «Modern svetotechnika», «Semi-conducting svetotechnika»
Kurmach Ludmila «Svetotechnika», «Modern svetotechnika», «Semi-conducting svetotechnika»
Adrianov Alexander «Svetotechnika», «Modern svetotechnika», «Semi-conducting svetotechnika»
Mandik Alexander «Svetotechnika», «Modern svetotechnika», «Semi-conducting svetotechnika»
Eliseykin Gennadiy «Svetotechnika», «Modern svetotechnika», «Semi-conducting svetotechnika»
Lushnikova Natalya «Svetotechnika», «Modern svetotechnika», «Semi-conducting svetotechnika»
Gogolin Mikhail «Svetotechnika», «Modern svetotechnika», «Semi-conducting svetotechnika»
Golovachuk Andrey «Svetotechnika», «Modern svetotechnika», «Semi-conducting svetotechnika»

 Our congratulations to the winners!

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