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Frequently Asked Questions

Application of luminaires with protective GLASS is not recommended for food industry, as in case of destruction of it glass particles can get into a product (НВА400М luminaire). Why is carbonate not applied? Justify the use of glass.

Are fixing fittings included into the scope of supply of the luminaire? In particular, ALS.OPL luminaire.

Are lamp bulbs included into the scope of supply with the luminaire?

Are there LED luminaires in your luminaire base for Dialux? If no, when do you expect them to be available?

Can you please tell who to contact in Light Technologies Company, if we need to calculate the illuminance (lux) under the project using your luminaires?

Can you recommend LED luminaires for false ceilings in the bathroom? Do you also deal with the LED strip?

Can you tell if it is possible to locate NBU50HG70 luminaires vertically on the outside wall so that the light beam is not down, but up?

Do you produce emergency illumination luminaires with ARCTIC series combined switch batteries?

Hello! Can LB/S 400H luminaire be completed with the instant re-ignition unit (probably, remote)?

Hello! Can the emergency power unit can be inserted into RG 100 luminaire equipped with CFL lamb bulbs? If no, then what options would you suggest to equip it with the emergency power unit? Thank you.

Hello! Mounting and overall dimensions of 3605055430 nbs50f154 luminaire are required.

Hello! Please tell us how to become your distributor?

Hello! Who is the manufacturer of the electronic control gear in your luminaires?

How many lamp bulbs are on in the luminaire with the emergency power unit?

It has been stated that the luminaire with the emergency power unit operates for 3 hours, and we have it worked only for one hour. The battery may be defective?

The luminaire operated from the emergency power unit only for 10 minutes and then switched off. Is the battery faulty?

We are your distributors. We urgently require a certificate for products - we did not find any information regarding ARS/R UNI LED model at the website.

We installed your luminaires, a supervisory authority visited our office and made a conclusion that these luminaires are unsuitable for use due to high pulsing. ARS/R 418 – 1015000160 Luminaire?

We would like to buy (have bought) an emergency power unit for the luminaire, how can we connect it?

What is the difference between owp/r 418 and OPL/r 418?

What kind of luminaires do you recommend for the operating room? What kind of luminaires with LED lamps do you recommend for illumination of a clinic? A 1,000 sq.m. medical clinic has been rehabilitated.

What kinds of spill shields are used in your luminaires?

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