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Why LT

Why we or 7 reasons to work for us:

  1. Interesting work. The feeling of satisfaction from the problems solved during the workday is priceless! We provide an opportunity to experience this feeling! Every day brings new tasks and unique projects. We work in an atmosphere of creativity and enthusiasm where every person can realize their potential in the company!
  2. Training and development. We always learn! We gain experience in the course of everyday work, we obtain knowledge from generally recognized leaders. The company realizes the need of its employees for self-fulfillment and strongly supports it!
  3. Ample opportunities. The majority of today’s senior officers started from the simplest positions in the company. Everyone has career opportunities - the company is constantly developing and plenty of new opportunities arise every day. Our offices are located in more than 20 cities, which is why it’s not an unusual thing to get an offer for work in another region. You will find support and assistance everywhere.
  4. Stability and social protection. We guarantee that our workers have worthy wages and benefits. The salary in our company corresponds to the labor market. We strictly observe all statutory provisions and even expand them.
  5. Support for initiative. Each employee has an opportunity to implement the boldest initiatives efficient for the company’s business. We adhere to the democratic style of management which means that no offer will escape the attention of the top management.
  6. Corporate life and remarkable atmosphere. We work hard and play hard! We hold corporate holidays and organize sporting events. Our colleagues become friends! Together we can go to a party or go fishing, play football or take part in voluntary programs.
  7. We are a team! It speaks for itself!

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